Just like you, I have made a career out of helping people get comfortable. After 17 years in the chiropractic profession, I chose to step away from active practice to help doctors create the practice of their dreams.

I did this because one thing became very clear to me, chiropractors such as myself are overworked, exhausted, and underpaid.

It was time to make a change. Of course…

Arriving to a successful destination is never an overnight journey, but through my experience I was fortunate to create a “High-End Boutique Practice Model”. The method I developed is not a high volume practice. It is built upon creating a premium patient and chiropractic experience.

That is how I was able to establish a single doctor 7-Figure all cash model (collecting 100-142K monthly) without screenings, talks, or dinners!

I believe there are many ways to create and sustain success in a chiropractic business. However, my philosophy remains simple: If you are going to charge a premium fee, you better provide your clients with the best care, atmosphere, and experience they have ever had.


If you are going to strive to be the best at something, you have to look the part while being able to back it up with results. That’s why I knew investing into my practice and patients was a monumental step. I was not quite sure what to expect yet, but the success I found was the result of my determination to find a better way.

I was finally able to focus on attracting the right clients while delivering unmatched results. Everything started becoming easier from this point on. I proved to myself that it is possible, and now I am sharing what I have learned with other chiropractors who want a better way!


Business relationships are key, which is why I’m selective when it comes to clients I choose to work with. I want to give each client of mine the time and guidance they deserve, but I don’t want to waste anybody’s time who doesn’t want or need my help.

Whether you’re seeking a strategic mentor for leveling-up your practice, a complete practice transformation, or an accountability partner with a very specific skill set; let’s talk! Together, we can create and refine your vision for success.

The Truth Is, I Didn’t Get There Alone and Neither Will You…